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[DIY] Bear mask icing cookies | Mother Daughter | 口罩熊 | 糖霜曲奇 | Todordor Kitchen

I like to DIY, who doesn’t know? I also like spending a lot of time doing DIY with my kids. It can increase the mother-child time and also there are so many fun times in it!

Mimzy, my older daughter, she is eight year old. I can remember the first time I teach her how to draw icing cookies when she was still in kindergarten. I didn’t force her to learn the drawing techniques. Apart from how to hold the icing bag. I let them free draw each time, and teach them a little bit of things at a time.  

This time is different,  I think she is ready to take another step forward. Instead of free draw, I teach her to follow my steps and I think she did a perfect job! Well done Mimzy!

Oh forgot to say, she has her own channel too! Please follow her:

Mimzy workshop

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