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[DIY] How to make Christmas resin necklace | Todordor DIY

Materials that I used for decoration:

  1. Glitter

  2. Minij natural pine cones

  3. Christmas Charm pendant

  4. Cube glass beads

  5. Pine and Cypress Leaf Branch

  6. 2mm seed beads

  7. Googly eyes

  8. 0.3mm craft wire

  9. Gold nail art decoration

STEP ①: Mix the clear epoxy, resin + harderner in 3:1 radio

STEP ②: ❶ layer, slowly pour 1/4 resin into to the sillicone mold. Make sure cover all the area and burn or pop away the bubbles. Allow to cure for 6-7 hours.

STEP ③: ➋ layer, add a little bit resin and fill in with decorations.

STEP ④: Filling all the way to the top and allow to cure for 12 hours.

STEP ⑤: Remove hardened resin from mold.

STEP ⑥: Use an electric nail file to fix any uneven edges.

STEP ⑦: Fasten the necklace

STEP ⑧: Christmas resin necklaces!

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