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[DIY] How to make Ninjago birthday banner | Ninjago banner tutorial | Todordor DIY

Difficulty ★★★☆☆ 2 years ago, my daughter design her own Ninjago birthday banner and hope I can put her idea in real life. As a super-mon (which my girl think I am), okey.. let's do it! I choose to use felt this time. The colour is great and also the material is easy to deal with. I search online the Ninjago elements symbols. Print it out and cut the same pattern on the felts. If you want to check out how I made it, you can see the video. Are you a Ninjago fans too? Which character you like? My daughter love Skylor Chen, the orange one. Therefore I also made her the birthday headband. Can you spot it in the video? I also made some changes on Skylor hat. Tell me if you know what it did?!

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